Create:Eat:Whisky • Whisky Month 2014 • Supported by Jura Whisky

Concept • Experience Design • Food Design • Branding • Packaging Design • Staging • Production Management

Create:Eat:Whisky was a whisky adventure like no other. Taking place during Whisky Month, part of Homecoming Scotland 2014, Jelly&Gin created an immersive experience that aimed to evoke the sights, sounds and scents encountered in the whisky making process from grain to glass. This journey into whisky focused on four key flavour profiles from Jura Whisky: rich & spicy, light & delicate, smoky & peaty, smooth & sweet. Guests experienced each whisky through all the senses. The quirky venue, a former milk factory in Leith, changed in atmosphere during the tasting through the use of lighting, projection, sound and scent. Small bites of locally sourced food to complement each of the four drams which were carefully selected from Jura Whisky’s Single Malts. Create:Eat:Whisky delighted all from the novice to the aficionado.

The Sound of Whisky